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Long-Term Care Costs Outpace Medical Inflation Rate

Posted on October 26th, 2011 by Em-Power Services

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the average cost for assisted living rose 5.6 percent to $41,724 this year, compared with a 5.2 percent increase last year.

The report comes from data contained in a report by MetLife’s Mature Market Institute released this week.  That report found the cost for a private nursing-home room increased 4.4 percent to $87,235 a year and adult day services climbed 4.5 percent to $70 a day. Home health-aide service was unchanged at about $21 per day.

Of particular concern is that the report finds that this year’s increases are greater than previous years. A MetLife representative noted that, “the state of the economy, combined with rising health-care and energy costs, are having a significant impact on long-term care rates… Long-term care rates continue to outpace the medical inflation rate.”

Federal Government options for supporting the costs associated with long-term are limited. The Obama Administration recently decided not to move forward with a public long-term care financing option called the Class Act. Medicare covers only short-term nursing and home health services.

“This is why the employer is central in the long-term care equation,” noted Em-Power Services President Doug Ross. “Without long-term care insurance, future retirees are going to face a financial crisis where they spend all of their savings and retirement to pay for long-term care.”

An employer that offers group long-term care insurance as a benefit can help employees protect their savings and retirement. It’s estimated that one of two people age 65 and older will require some form of long-term care. The average length is three years, and costs can exceed $250,000.

Many states offer additional tax deductions for employers who offer long-term care insurance as a benefit.

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3 Reasons Long Term Care Employee Education is a Good Idea

Posted on April 12th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

Options. The world is full of them. When we are young, the world is our oyster. As we age, options and opportunities dwindle. We miss the windows to set up optimum savings, life insurance or health plans, often finding we do too little, too late…often wishing we knew then what we know now.

Helping employers educate their workforce about the benefits of planning for long-term care is a critical new step in financial planning. By offering employees yet another option and educating them on the gaping hole they have in their safety net, employers earn both respect and gratitude from their workforce. Additionally, offering Long Term Care Insurance to their employees doesn’t need to cost the employer any additional money. Why should employers educate their employees about Long Term Care Insurance?

  1. Without education in the workplace, employees may not discover the long-term care dilemma until they have already developed pre-existing health issues.
  2. Premiums are fixed to a person’s age at the point of purchase; so planning young will result in paying the least amount of insurance premium over one’s lifetime.
  3. Understanding the issue and support systems available will be beneficial when a parent, friend, or other loved one needs long-term care. Employees of all ages should learn about long-term care while they are young so they understand the planning challenges they will face in the future. Like all planning, the younger people begin, the more options they will have and generally speaking, the less expensive it will be.

The good news is that with long-term care, there is an additional benefit of planning early. There is a much greater chance of being medically underwritten. When applying for long-term care insurance a person must fill out an extensive application with questions about existing health and medical prescriptions. Industry wide there is about a 30% decline rate for people that apply for coverage.

It should be noted that there are many health conditions like diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure where a person can still be approved for long-term care coverage. But what happens to those conditions as a person ages? They generally deteriorate until the point where a person can no longer be approved. Learning about long-term care while they are young provides people with an opportunity to purchase protection when they are healthiest and have the best chance of being accepted.

Even when employees don’t purchase coverage, they will understand the issue when they are dealing with a parent or friend who needs care. It’s something that is very likely to happen to us all at one point or another. Do you believe knowledge is power? How much to you know about LTCI?

EM-Power is a unique brokerage in that we:

  1. Work with employers to show them why adding LTC as a employee benefit is a win-win opportunity; and
  2. Work with brokers to teach them how to better educate their clients about LTC to create a win-win opportunity.,

If you are an employer needing help or a broker looking to help your clients with Long Term Care reach out and contact Doug Ross at 800-483-1115

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Three Reasons Knowledge is Power Concerning Long Term Care

Posted on March 26th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

You know knowledge is power. We believe that so strongly, it is in our company name. At EM-Power we provide education to employers about a massive hole in their benefit program that affects every business owner, executive and employee; a hole many people live on the edge of their entire lives and don’t even know is there.

We’ve identified the three main reasons this occurs, and are committed to helping people foresee the danger to their financial well being before it is too late for them to rectify the problem. So what are the misconceptions out there and why?

  1. Most people think long-term care is covered by their health insurance plan. Traditional health insurance simply is not designed to pay for long-term care and people generally don’t come to realize their gap in coverage until they’ve fallen through it. Unfortunately at that point, there is no way to turn back the hands of time to safeguard themselves.
  2. People incorrectly assume the government will take care of them. In reality, most people don’t understand the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, or that they need to sacrifice their 401k and savings before the government program they thought was at their disposal will kick in to give them surprisingly minimal and fairly inflexible coverage.
  3. People don’t think “it” could happen to them. Many people try to fool themselves by not thinking about death or by telling themselves they will live to a ripe old age and drift off comfortably in their sleep. In reality, 70% of all Americans will have a need for long-term care at some point in their lives.

The truth of the matter is that people don’t choose an accident, injury, or illness. It chooses them and it does not discriminate based on “what kind of life they lead” or what they want to happen. Helping people come to that realization is essential to help them safeguard their personal and financial futures. Denial, misinformation, and avoidance do not decrease a person’s chance of requiring long-term care unfortunately. Careful planning done by informed people can make a profound difference the experience by protecting people’s assets and preserving their choices over care decisions.

People’s care is ultimately in their own hands. Wouldn’t it be great if they were able to make choices about their future through a position of knowledge and understanding???What is the biggest objection you hear about long-term care insurance? How can we help?

For further information please contact Doug Ross at 800-483-1115. x223, or e-mail

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Four Ways to EM-Power your Career by Offering Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Posted on March 11th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

Do your current insurance offerings leave a gaping hole in your clients’ coverage? Are you leaving money on the table by not pairing Long Term Care Insurance with your other products, or capturing more business from your existing clients?

EM-Power Services has developed the tools and training to help insurance brokers capture more business and offer a valuable solution to their clients. We offer a proprietary sales and enrollment platform that secures employer contributions in more than half of all cases, with voluntary enrollments achieving up to 25% participation. And—EM-Powers’ enrollment platform capture more than five times the national average!

EM-Power works with every major carrier so you can customize a program that best fits each company’s need.

Our marketing program teaches you how to secure a 1-hour appointment with the decision-makers. It will also arm you with the 5-key agreements that cause employers to become emotionally connected to what Long Term Care Insurance can offer them and their work force.

Additionally, EM-Power will offer you these valuable resources:

  1. A comprehensive quote engine that produces proposals with up to three carriers side by side. The proposal highlights the minimal cost to receive maximum discounts and underwriting concessions for employees and their spouses and showcases the ability to discriminate by having the Company pay for only the owner or key executives.
  2. Electronic messaging software that produces custom communications to invite employees to educational workshops.
  3. Custom enrollment materials for each employee.
  4. Administrative support to address behind the scenes functions such as coordinating payroll deductions for employees, automated delivery of policies.

We’re confident that EM-Power provides the strongest solution out there with our comprehensive enrollment platform and specialized agent training. How can you benefit from adding long term care insurance to your offerings?

For further information please contact Doug Ross at 800-483-1115. x223, or e-mail

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Three Ways Long-Term Care Impacts Millions of Working Americans

Posted on February 21st, 2010 by Em-Power Services

It’s really something else when we hear about people who pine away all their lives with hard work and savings, just to have it all wiped out with a single accident or illness. It’s especially tough when it happens to one of your employees; someone who devoted his or her energies into making your company successful and winds up falling through the health-care cracks due to lack of knowledge or the right coverage choices.

The biggest financial surprise hard-working Americans run into is the lack of coverage they thought they had, where they thought there was enough. It used to be nothing could fix this, but now corporations are learning about this gap and the choices they have to help their employees bridge their coverage. I’m not talking about raising the coverage amounts on traditional health insurance, I’m talking about reading the fine print in your company’s current offerings and learning where the gaping holes in coverage appear.

In what ways does the lack of long-term care coverage hurt working Americans?

Your employees may become impoverished when they must use their savings, equity, and retirement funds to pay for long-term care service fees they thought they were insured against.

Family members and loved ones must often significantly alter their lifestyles, curtail their careers, and carry the physical and emotional weight of caring for a sick, hurt, or disabled family member. They are also financially impacted when household funds are re-allocated for care.

Once a person has used all of his or her available financial resources, he or she will likely have to rely upon government assistance to continue care. In most instance, this means moving to a nursing home facility or institution instead of receiving in-home care.

Does your company have systems in place to address your employees’ long-term financial and health care needs? Does it include long-term care options?

Click to request a 15-minute briefing on long-term care and how it can benefit your Company. For more information call 800-483-1115 and speak with Doug Ross.

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Five Reasons Employers Should Learn about Long-Term Care Insurance

Posted on February 7th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

What does your employees’ current compensation package look like? What does yours look like? There are five main reasons employers should take a few moments to understand and evaluate long-term care insurance.

  1. Long-term care insurance, or insurance that addresses the enormous gap in traditional healthcare coverage, is an often misunderstood and overlooked component in financial planning and health care protection.
  2. More than half of American workers will experience a need for long-term insurance coverage in their lifetimes and yet many of them will not realize this until it is too late.
  3. There are employer-sponsored benefit programs with significant advantages that can be implemented without any cost to your company. At the same time, business owners can selectively pay for coverage for themselves and key employees while receiving generous Federal tax deductions as part of a strategy to reward and retain your most valued people.
  4. Educating your employees on the hole that exist in their current long term financial and health planning builds goodwill toward your company.
  5. You can offer group insurance rates to your employees on a voluntary basis, meaning it does not cost your company anything to offer this protection while employees will receive coverage at a better price through you than if they were to purchase it independently.

We are happy to arm you with the questions you need to ask of your current benefit provider. Are you aware of the hole in your coverage that may leave you unprotected and financially vulnerable?

Click to request a 15-minute briefing on long-term care and how it can benefit your Company. For more information call 800-483-1115 and speak with Doug Ross.

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Employers Filling the Benefits Gap with Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Posted on January 21st, 2010 by Em-Power Services

Many businesses offer their employees health and life insurance policies as well as sponsored savings programs. Employees have been conditioned to tuck away, grow, and protect whatever savings they can and many companies match what their people contribute on their own. But there is a hole in that safety net they surround themselves with, and it is not at all evident until someone falls through it.

This is where that one person in two who experiences a long-term health care issue, whether it be from an illness or accident, dementia, or a host of other physical problems, finds both financial misfortune and a devastating conundrum.

This is where, statistically speaking, half of us will find ourselves devoid of long-term assistance, quickly out of our life’s savings, and straining the relationships around us. It’s the part of future planning that gets neglected and that no current plan other than LTCI will address. And it’s why long-term care insurance is a benefit more and more companies are offering.

As an employer who wishes to offer its employees comprehensive benefits, is LTCI something that would add value to your organization? Could LTCI enhance benefits packages and make your company progressive in practice and aggressive in retaining key players?

If you are curious about how to offer Long Term Care Insurance options in your workplace, you are not alone. EM-Power is here to answer questions for you or your benefits broker about the options and strategies companies are using. EM-Power looks at all major market players and helps businesses decipher what they need and why.

We’re proud to be a leading authority on worksite LTCI implementation and we’re dedicated to providing you with clear, concise information about Long Term Care Insurance.

Is your company considering including LTCI in its benefits package? For a brief overview of how long-term care impact millions of working Americans click on

For more information and answers to commonly asked questions surrounding LTCI, visit us at or call 800-483-1115.

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EM-Power Services Designs Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Resource Center

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

…for Employers and Benefits Brokers

Hello! And welcome to EM-Power Services. We are pleased to be your educational resource for Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) plans in the workforce. Check back often for updates on what is happening with long-term care products, enrollment strategies for businesses and legislative initiatives affecting long-term care including the CLASS Act that is part of healthcare reform.

EM-Power Services provides education to employers on long-term care planning issues and helps them implement benefit programs that close a hole in the traditional safety net provided to employees. That’s right, I did say “hole,” and it’s a doozy that’s hard to see but impossible to avoid when people fall into it without warning.

If you don’t have an LTCI option for your employees, the 401k you are helping them build is at risk and there is a big no-coverage zone in your health insurance benefit that most employees don’t even know exists. This is true for owners, key executives and every day working folks. LTCI is a growing incentive that is placed in employment packages designed to attract and retain top personnel.

EM-Power Services is here to answer your questions about the Long Term Care Insurance marketplace and to help you implement planning solutions. We’ll team with your benefits broker to make sure you are offering your employees the education and coverage options they need. We are independent of any specific insurance agencies and help businesses decipher industry lingo so they can become informed decision-makers.

We look forward to getting to know you and offering you educational tips and solutions regarding LTCI in America. What do you know about Long Term Care Insurance? We’d love to hear from you!

Keep it here for upcoming topics including

  • How to Offer Custom Enrollment Materials
  • Opening a Discussion with your Benefits Broker
  • How to Attract and Retain Quality Employees
  • How to Conduct an Informative Session on Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Questions you Should Arm Yourself with When Selecting a Provider
  • How Much Assistance will the U.S. Government Give Me?
  • What We All Need to Know about the CLASS Act

EM-Power LTCI helps educate employers about the benefits of offering Long Term Care as an employee benefit and matches them with qualified brokers to be of service.  Employers interested in learning more and broker looking to help employers in your area should contact Doug Ross at 1-800-483-1115.

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