Employers Filling the Benefits Gap with Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Posted on January 21st, 2010 by Em-Power Services

Many businesses offer their employees health and life insurance policies as well as sponsored savings programs. Employees have been conditioned to tuck away, grow, and protect whatever savings they can and many companies match what their people contribute on their own. But there is a hole in that safety net they surround themselves with, and it is not at all evident until someone falls through it.

This is where that one person in two who experiences a long-term health care issue, whether it be from an illness or accident, dementia, or a host of other physical problems, finds both financial misfortune and a devastating conundrum.

This is where, statistically speaking, half of us will find ourselves devoid of long-term assistance, quickly out of our life’s savings, and straining the relationships around us. It’s the part of future planning that gets neglected and that no current plan other than LTCI will address. And it’s why long-term care insurance is a benefit more and more companies are offering.

As an employer who wishes to offer its employees comprehensive benefits, is LTCI something that would add value to your organization? Could LTCI enhance benefits packages and make your company progressive in practice and aggressive in retaining key players?

If you are curious about how to offer Long Term Care Insurance options in your workplace, you are not alone. EM-Power is here to answer questions for you or your benefits broker about the options and strategies companies are using. EM-Power looks at all major market players and helps businesses decipher what they need and why.

We’re proud to be a leading authority on worksite LTCI implementation and we’re dedicated to providing you with clear, concise information about Long Term Care Insurance.

Is your company considering including LTCI in its benefits package? For a brief overview of how long-term care impact millions of working Americans click on empowerltci.com

For more information and answers to commonly asked questions surrounding LTCI, visit us at www.empowerltci.com or call 800-483-1115.

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