Four Ways to EM-Power your Career by Offering Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Posted on March 11th, 2010 by Em-Power Services

Do your current insurance offerings leave a gaping hole in your clients’ coverage? Are you leaving money on the table by not pairing Long Term Care Insurance with your other products, or capturing more business from your existing clients?

EM-Power Services has developed the tools and training to help insurance brokers capture more business and offer a valuable solution to their clients. We offer a proprietary sales and enrollment platform that secures employer contributions in more than half of all cases, with voluntary enrollments achieving up to 25% participation. And—EM-Powers’ enrollment platform capture more than five times the national average!

EM-Power works with every major carrier so you can customize a program that best fits each company’s need.

Our marketing program teaches you how to secure a 1-hour appointment with the decision-makers. It will also arm you with the 5-key agreements that cause employers to become emotionally connected to what Long Term Care Insurance can offer them and their work force.

Additionally, EM-Power will offer you these valuable resources:

  1. A comprehensive quote engine that produces proposals with up to three carriers side by side. The proposal highlights the minimal cost to receive maximum discounts and underwriting concessions for employees and their spouses and showcases the ability to discriminate by having the Company pay for only the owner or key executives.
  2. Electronic messaging software that produces custom communications to invite employees to educational workshops.
  3. Custom enrollment materials for each employee.
  4. Administrative support to address behind the scenes functions such as coordinating payroll deductions for employees, automated delivery of policies.

We’re confident that EM-Power provides the strongest solution out there with our comprehensive enrollment platform and specialized agent training. How can you benefit from adding long term care insurance to your offerings?

For further information please contact Doug Ross at 800-483-1115. x223, or e-mail

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  1. Robert says:

    I have an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO family plan becusae it was much cheaper ($100 s a month) than getting the shoddy insurance through my workplace (for four people two adults and two kids I pay $324 per month). It also has better coverage and benefits, and the plan I chose has no co-pay and pays 100% of the bill for regular visits. I didn’t have to change any of our doctors when I switched, either.Anthem has dozens of plans to choose from. I suggest starting here:Most insurance companies (I’m not sure that this is required by law) will cover an existing condition from the first day of coverage if you have had health insurance for twelve consecutive months before signing on with a new company.On a related note, I wouldn’t listen to agents who are telling you that the average plan costs more than $1000 a month (wtf?) or that going to a local agent is the best idea (in my experience, it’s the WORST thing you could possibly do). Most local agents charge HUNDREDS more a month than places such as Blue Cross, and they offer woefully deficient benefits, huge deductibles, and little to no service. They’re working in part on commission, remember.Although it’s in a different field of insurance, I can say by way of example that when I called my local agents for car insurance, they all told me that I’d need to pay between $600 and $800 per month for full coverage and that I’d get no better deal. Both Progressive and Geico quoted me $83-85 per month for the same coverage and lower deductible.

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