Study Finds Couples Not Aligned on Retirement

Posted on July 13th, 2011 by Em-Power Services

A new study published by Fidelity Investments finds that couples approaching retirement are often not aligned in their expectations.

The report states that nearly two-thirds, or 62%, of couples approaching retirement don’t agree on the age they will retire. Further, nearly half of couples don’t agree on whether they will continue to work during retirement.

Less than half of the couples surveyed (41%) stated they are handling investment decisions jointly. The result is that only 35% of wives surveyed said they were comfortable assuming household retirement finances if needed.

Wives surveyed also had a lower threshold for risk, with 21% stating their main objective was preserving wealth (a key reason to obtain long term care insurance).

The survey makes clear that as Americans age and approach retirement, they need to be clearer in their retirement and long term care financing plans.

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  1. Abdelkader says:

    You’re obviously very cairng you want to see that your family are OK if you are seriously ill or die.Hard as it is , my advice is not to worry about it. Why don’t you use any money you have to enjoy the rest of YOUR LIFE. This is not being selfish, why not even include your family in this, take them on holiday for instance.I’m sure they would be happier enjoying the time they have left with you than, spending cash when you have gone If they are not then why bother leaving them anything anyway.Remember, money does not always equal happiness.Don’t worry about what is going to happen after you die, enjoy every moment of every day until it happens.

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